Thirty Seconds and Walking by Angelo Colavita


The time it takes
to travel the distance
the miles
of vein

the years of misery.

The speed at which
to travel the distance
the height
of fall

from living to lifeless.

The moment elapsed
The decision neglected
An infinite present

The space between never and now.

To travel that distance
that last thirty seconds
beyond a sigh
from panic to rest
beyond heaven.


The difference in you
for pleasure
and walking off
the anger

would be imperceptible
had you said nothing
about it, but now
that you have

I want to draw
the anger
out, walk it out
live it out
for you
so you
can walk for anything

and I can hold something
of you
in me
for pleasure.


ANGELO COLAVITA lives and writes in Philadelphia, where he hosts Oxford Coma, a nihilist poetry reading series. His work has appeared in Apiary Magazine, The Philadelphia Citizen, Mad House, Rolling Thunder Quarterly, Be About It Zine, and elsewhere online and in print. His first chapbook, HEROINES, was published by Empty Set Press in 2017.


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