Koi by Eileen Malone



On a dirty pond fermented

with tractor grease and oily

rainbow excrement


one extremely ornamental

carp breaks orangely the

surface tension of the pools’s

green glass surface


without apology or splash

it opens its mouth to gulp

whatever winged wasp, gnat

or midge that flies in


a butterfly flits between us


to turn into a butterfly

to emerge wet and new

from its own cocoon

a caterpillar must first

digest itself


when you come right

down to it, life is just a bunch

of stuff eating stuff.


Eileen Malone’s poetry has been published in over 500 literary journals and anthologies, a significant amount of which have earned awards, i.e., three Pushcart nominations. Her award winning collection Letters With Taloned Claws was published by Poets Corner Press (Sacramento) and her book I Should Have Given Them Water was published by Ragged Sky Press (Princeton).

Photo on 2011-11-03 at 16.52

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