Three Poems by Micellina Caporale

Selkie-Destiny’s Child (Raccontino Poem)


Where is your flame, you she-wolf animal

Don’t fit into the black box of feminist

A deer tick engorged in the rescue

How can you be a march-less activist

Oh, divine beauty, church-less wall that is

repressed out of the priestess atheist

What are you really? What, too, are you not?

Divided land, eternal terrorist

Sister, brother, father, mother-not my

family of forever chauvinist

Oh, God of divine mercy that’s calling

Free, reborn, spirit reclaimed anarchist


She Finally Went Home Into the Forest (Dorsimbra Poem)


She lost her life amongst the broken branches of the trees

The bread and wine and all of her was so holy and fine

A father, a priest, a dominant demon forced her onto her knees

Threatened her body to cover up the sin un-divine crossed the line

How did she uncover her true soul

Listening to her silenced voice

The thread unraveled and connected the dots

Of desire, bliss, peace, and echoes of satisfaction

In quiet contemplation the stars’ themes emerged

Until constellations of love shined through her eyes into the

Hearts of divinely angered Indian sisters

She lost her life amongst the broken branches of the trees


Instruments of Authority (Dodoitsu Poem)


Mind control patterned brain

Kaleidoscopic police force

Dancing in the streets of hell

Music, silence, voice


Micellina is a poetess, prophet, and healer whose writing reflects her belief in the goodness of this world and the greatness which is to come. Her work can be found within the realms of your own creative spirit and in the hands of giggling children.  She is inspired by the spontaneity and courage that youth bring to new moments and sees herself as a lifelong teacher and student. Micellina chooses to see the beauty in the brokenness, the lessons in the struggles, and the ultimate hope within the despair.


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